Purpose: To review a clinical series of patients who have had the SLAC (scapho-lunate advanced collapse) procedure.

Method: 50 patients with degenerative disorders of the wrist managed by a single surgeon using a single technique. The technique involved excision of the scaphoid and radial styloidectomy. Midcarpal arthrodesis was performed, and was stabilised with staples.

The patients were prospectively followed for two years.

Results: The majority of patients were satisfied with their outcome and their pain had decreased. Pre-operative flexion/extension was 39 degrees/38 degrees and post-operatively was 32 degrees/35 degrees. The average grip strength did not change.

Conclusion: The SLAC wrist procedure is a useful technique for patients who have localised degenerative arthritis of the wrist.


  • The abstracts were prepared by Professor Jegan Krishnan. Correspondence should be addressed to him at the Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park 5047, Australia.